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The Benefits of USPS Address Verification

If you have ever sent out mail to have it returned to you because there is no such person at that address or the address is incorrect, you understand the annoyance it can bring. The USPS does its best to get your letters and mailers out on time, in good condition, to the correct people, but it is up to you to ensure the address is correct. Verification software is available through many companies that will help you verify addresses, using the USPS codes and rules so that each piece of mail gets where it should be.


USPS address verification software is usually created as an Application Programming Interface or API, so that it will easily integrate into web or data entry applications that run on different platforms. This means that no matter what system you use to input your customers’ addresses, you can still use the verification software. There will usually be add-on options for you to choose from so that you can have greater mail deliverability and much more. Optional modules can include telephone area code options, GeoCoding and Delivery Point Validation (DPV).


While most people want their address verification software set up to check the entire file or database for the most current USPS information, you may also want to set it up for searches and single searches so that as you are getting ready to mail something, it is automatically checked to ensure accuracy.

No matter which one you select, the USPS file is always updated monthly to contain the most current street names and ZIP codes for both residential and commercial properties. This means that you get the most current information and are notified each month when someone has moved and where they moved to if they filled out a change-of-address form. This can help tremendously with the returned mail problem as well as getting your messages out more efficiently and quickly.

Added Quickly

Because of the versatility of the software, USPS address verification can occur when using many applications, including Internet, point of sale, online call centers and batch processing. Look-up features are usually included so that you can save on the number of keystrokes required to input the information. This means that you can input the ZIP code, house number and a few letters of the street name and the address verification software will immediately provide the rest of the correct USPS-approved address.

USPS address verification software can offer your company many great benefits. Consider Anchor Computer Software Solutions to receive the best options, so your mail gets to its recipients without problems.

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