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Where Can Chairlifts in Portsmouth be Installed?

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury or living with a disability can take its toll. Not only will you find it difficult to do everyday things, such as walking up and down the stairs but also, you will have to deal with a loss of independence. Over time, this may leave you feeling like a shell of the person that you once were, so why not regain independence with chairlifts in Portsmouth? These specially designed lifts can be installed on staircases and operated with the touch of a button inside the home, and many other places!

The Home

Most people who buy chairlifts in Portsmouth for the home will be dealing with a disability or injury of some kind. Chairlifts are also popular among the elderly, because as mobility worsens with age, independence slowly disappears. Stairlifts help the user feel independent again, and allow them to move up and down the stairs with ease. Each device is designed with different features and functions, such as up, down, stop and start movements. The lift can be operated with switches, buttons or toggles, depending on the make and model.


A large portion of the people passing through hospitals will be physically impaired in some way, whether it is as a result of an accident or following an operation. To make the building accessible for everyone who enters, chairlifts in Portsmouth will be fitted. Hospitals are liable for anyone who gets injured on the premises, proving these products to be an ideal investment. It’s difficult for the hospital to predict the weight of everyone who uses the lifts, therefore models with a high weight limit are the best option.


A sensible and practical option for offices, chairlifts in Portsmouth can be connected to the wall or stair banisters. This makes them a versatile choice for spaces that vary in size and layout. Business operations are sure to run smoothly when these devices are installed, because they can be used by both staff and customers. Outdoor stairlifts might also be worth investing in if a lot of time is spent outside the building. If you want to test the water with a few models, consider renting rather than buying. Alternatively, save money with reconditioned stairlifts, which are normally covered by warranty.

As a specialist supplier and installer of chairlifts in Portsmouth and other areas of the United Kingdom, you can depend on the team at Bentley Mobility Services to increase your range of mobility. You can get more info at

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