The Causes Of And Treatment For Mental Illness

Mental illness is a condition that has an influence on the way an individual might think and feel as well as the way they relate to other people. The symptoms of mental illness range from mild to quite severe, regardless, a person suffering from a mental illness which is not being treated often finds it extremely difficult to cope in this fast paced world.

The causes of mental illness:

Psychologists still have a ways to go to determine the exact cause of mental illnesses; research is beginning to show that it is not a character defect as once thought, it is a confusing combination of factors including genetics, biology, psychological as well as the environment. Recovery from a mental illness takes a great deal more than will-power, intervention by psychological services in Mobile AL are also an integral component of recovery.

As the majority of mental illnesses are caused by a number of factors, it is a disorder than cannot be prevented.

Is mental illness common?

Yes, mental illness is very common, much more so than other diseases that get more attention, diseases such as heart disease, cancer and even diabetes. In any given year it is estimated that a full 25 percent of adults and fewer than 15 percent of children suffer from some form of mental illness. As you can see from these statistics, it is not an illness that discriminates; anyone can be affected, it makes no difference in the person’s cultural background, income, gender or educational attainment.

Treating mental illness:

Psychological services in Mobile AL are extremely helpful in treating mental illness. A great deal of research has gone into the various forms of mental illness, the results are promising. Mental illness can be treated with medication and psychotherapy, either one-on-one with a therapist or in a group setting.

When a mental disorder is diagnosed early and the right treatment is forthcoming, many of those affected recover and live full and productive lives. With consistent attention from psychological services in Mobile AL the greatest majority of patients return to normal activities.

Southern Psychiatry Associates offer psychological services in Mobile AL. The services include general psychiatry, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual disorders as well as physical fitness, nutrition and health.

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