Choosing the right gym: the gym goer checklist

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Fitness Training Center

The New Year for many is a time of reflection and setting of new goals. Obviously the biggest is to adopt a healthy lifestyle going forward. After having made the resolution, the next thing to do normally is to find a gym that is the right fit; one that will make the achievement of this resolution easier.

First on the list of the Holy Grail of factors to consider when choosing a gym is the cost. Even though it is often said that a more expensive gym membership will have you more committed to working out, the gym cost should be reasonable. It should not break the bank making fitness more of a burden than something enjoyable.

Getting to the workout should not in itself be a workout. If the gym is at an inconvenient location, you will not be too motivated to get off the couch. Consider choosing a gym that you can ride or walk to, or one that is on the way from home to work. Personally, if I had a gym near me, I would jog or walk there and skip the warm up routines, getting straight to work.

The equipment
Every top level gym will likely have the basic equipment available. The difference, though, comes in individual preferences. Is there any piece of equipment that works well for you that would like frequent access to? Make sure there is enough for everyone so you do not have to wait in line with time running out for you. Think about the workout options available when choosing the gym. If you do not want to run on the treadmill or lift weights, what options are available? Is there enough space to stretch? Will you have access to other facilities like the swimming pool, tennis or squash court?

Not everyone can or even particularly likes the typical gym hours of between 5 and 7 pm. The gyms will normally be too crowded at these times anyway. Night owls and the early birds might a fitness center that gives them workout options convenient to their schedules and livelihoods.

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