Things You Need to Know About BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid is a non-poisonous solution that has been created to reduce emissions from diesel powered vehicles and increase fuel economy. The solution was created to be used in selective catalytic reduction systems on diesel engines and it consists of pure synthetic urea and deionized water that increases fuel economy, and improves emissions from the vehicle.

What it Does

The water from the fluid vaporizes when the diesel exhaust fluid is injected through a specially controlled dosing module into the exhaust stream. The ammonia molecules then reach the catalytic converter and there they are converted into its individual components of nitrogen and water vapor. Both these broken-down components of ammonia are harmless and very much present in the air we breathe.

The Process Results

The result of the whole process of reduction and neutralization makes emissions much safer and cleaner as far as the environment is concerned. Ammonia is dangerous to health, but through the selective catalytic reduction process the harmful molecules are converted into the harmless components of nitrogen and water. This directly contributes to decrease global warming. BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid is certified by the API or American Petroleum Institute as it meets the standards of ISO 22241.

If you observe a diesel truck, you may find a separate tank most probably with a blue filler cap. This normally will contain diesel exhaust fluid because it is always stored separately from the fuel tank, and never should come in contact with diesel fuel.

Your Supplier

The list of BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid includes many big names in the industry, but check out Seaboard Neumann for their product, as a reliable supplier in Florida. The company has the logistics and the infrastructure to store, transport and deliver this product to you uncontaminated as it needs very careful handling.

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