The Qualifications and Benefits of the South Carolina Lifeline Program

The South Carolina Lifeline Program

Have you struggled to afford mobile phone service despite needing it for work? If so, the Lifeline program may be a great idea since it subsidizes the cost of a smartphone and service.

Since the Reagan Administration, the federal government has provided assistance to low-income families. You may receive a free phone, talk, text, and data if your family qualifies.

How Can You Know Whether a Family Qualifies?

Figuring out the qualifications is straightforward because of the program’s clear guidelines.

If you already receive any of the following benefits, apply for the Lifeline program:

  • SSI
  • SNAP
  • Medicaid
  • Section 8
  • BIA

Also, you may qualify by having a household income at or near federal poverty limits. If you are part of a low-income household, fill out an application for benefits.

What Does the Lifeline Program Cover?

First, your family can receive a smartphone at no cost, meaning they can start browsing online. Moreover, this program includes unlimited talk and text, including picture messages. The program designers have even covered the cost of data, up to a monthly limit.

You’ll have access to caller ID, voicemail, and other standard phone features. Nevertheless, many families who qualify don’t realize it and end up paying for the service. Apply today if you are wondering whether you can receive benefits.

Infiniti Mobile is a key provider of the Lifeline Program in South Carolina. Visit them at their website at to learn more.

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