What You Need To Know About Septic Pumping Arlington WA

Septic systems are some of the most important parts of the home plumbing system. This is because the septic tank acts as a reservoir for all the waste that comes from the bathroom and kitchen. It is important to make sure that your septic tank is working properly at all times. However, even with proper maintenance, a point will reach when you will need to pump the waste. Here are some tips that will be very helpful when it comes to the best septic pumping in Arlington WA.

The tank and aerobic bacteria

Apart from age, there are other things that can contribute to the sludge level rising to levels that are above the recommended before the tank’s lifetime has lapsed. The first of these things is death of the aerobic bacteria that help in decomposition of the wastes that come from the tank. The bacteria mainly die because:

  1. The soap you are using in the bathroom contains chemicals that are lethal to the bacteria.
  2. There are bathroom cleaning products that are harmful to the bacteria.

Note that you might have been using the harmful substance for a while if the tank has deteriorated to the extent of needing a pumping. After the septic pumping in Arlington WA, the experts will examine the chemicals and other products that you are using in the bathroom in a bid to figure out what could be ruining your septic system.

Clogged filter

The septic tank contains a filter that separates the upper part of the tank from the lower part where the liquid waste drains. There are times when sludge gets clogged on to the filter. When this happens, the filter will not manage to drain the liquid waste. As a result, the tank fills up faster than it is supposed to. If this is the case with your tank, the experts will do septic pumping in Arlington WA, and then clean the filter. This will help remove the debris and restore the normal drainage process.

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