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The Valuable Use of Metal Finishing Services

There is a complex, multi-step process that goes into manufacturing metals. The last step involves finishing the metal to improve its aesthetic qualities. Along with metal, wood and stone are a few other materials that benefit from finished looks. There is a lot of information for consumers about metal finishing services.

The Purpose of Finishing

The main goal of surface finishing is to improve the appearance of an object. There are several reasons why people apply finish to metal. One reason is to increase its resistance to moisture, especially if the metal is left outdoors for long periods of time. For some metals, too much water is a negative element that leads to corrosion. Polish is used to remove rust, scratches, burns, water spots and other defects. Metal with a protective coating is able to resist many damages and remain solid in its structure.

The Different Types of Finishes

Some metals have harsh, rough surfaces that are full of scratches and dents. Before you apply any polish, it is necessary to remove the defects found deep in the surface. Sandblasting is the most common method used for that purpose. The high pressure of a sandblaster is necessary to penetrate deep into the surface and remove the defects at force.

Electropolishing uses one or more electrochemical methods to polish the surface. The object is immersed in a solution of electrolytes. Electrical currents are sent through the metal, which results in the dissolution of ions. Objects of all sizes and conditions can be electropolished such as surgical tools and large metal roofs.

Laser engraving is the process of engraving any surface with the use of lasers. All types of materials can be engraved, such as plastic, metal, glass and stone. Some people coat metal surfaces to create a greater contrast between the metal and the engraving. They use sprays that can change the surface to other colors, such as black or gray.


Chrome is the most popular and attractive example of finished metal. This metal has the appearance of silver and the shiny, reflective polish of glass. In the automotive industry, many chrome-plated parts are sold from wheels to door panels. Outside of the auto industry, chrome is used to create photo frames, electronics, and even fingernails.

Polished metal makes for a smooth, attractive appearance. In addition, the finish increases the strength and resistance of metal. People’s most valuable products are protected from becoming corroded by water or harsh chemicals. Only professionals have the tools to transform the look and feel of this material. There are companies that provide a wide range of metal finishing services from engraving to polishing. Today, consumers have many options when it comes to finishing their metals.

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