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Why Renting a Luxury Yacht is Better Than Buying

If you think purchasing a luxury yacht is the best idea that you’ve ever had, then think again. It’s a costly expense and you know you won’t use the yacht nearly as much as you think. Luxury yacht rentals in USVI & BVI are a great alternative to purchasing a yacht that you’ll only use to vacation in maybe once or twice. provides a great frame of reference on why, in this case, renting is better than buying.

1. A Vacation Shouldn’t be Left up to Chance. That is to say if you’re just getting into the boating scene and you’ve decided to purchase a shiny new boat, then you’re putting things up to chance out there. You don’t know all of the necessary cost breakdowns that are going to hit you, or how much it’ll cost to take that vacation on the yacht you’re planning to own. It’s far better, far easier, to rent as a new boater than to purchase first. Renting provides you the necessary experience that you’ll need when you finally reach the time to own.

2. Storage Is Costly. Finding a location to store your boat can be costly. If you’re not renting space at the local storage bay for your yacht, then you’re renting elsewhere or storing it at home. Both of those options can be costly, or ultimately unwieldy. Renting a boat is far cheaper than renting storage space for a boat. Especially if you aren’t constantly using your yacht, or if it’s during an off-season.

3. Those Maintenance Fees Aren’t Cheap. Owning a yacht means maintaining a yacht, and maintenance doesn’t come cheap for boat owners. When you don’t know what you’re doing, maintenance can cost up to double. Then there are emergency repairs that might be needed while you’re out on the open waters, not to mention a host of other potential problems and costs that can arise from boat ownership! If you’re not planning on using your yacht frequently, it’s far better to get luxury yacht rentals in USVI & BVI locations.

Vacationing on a yacht can be a great family addition, but unless you have the pocket change to make those vacations more than a simple yearly thing renting is far cheaper overall to purchasing. In the long run a yacht purchase might be in your future, but for now it’s better to stick to your guns and find a rental company instead.

Blue Mystic Charters offers luxury yacht rentals in USVI & BVI, so when you vacation at the Virgin Islands you can vacation in style. The St John based charter company has several types of yachts to choose from for your vacationing needs.

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