Things to Consider When Choosing a Surfboard

Whether you are a pro or just a beginner in surfboarding, you probably have found yourself choosing the wrong board. If you don’t get the right surfboard, chances are that you won’t enjoy your surfing experience and worst of all – it could present safety risks. Surfing, like tennis, takes time to learn the ins and outs. Here are a few things to consider for your surfboard rentals in Charleston, SC:

Gauge Your Physical Skill
If you are going surfing with your friends, you probably want to use the type of board they are using. This can be a mistake because you may not have the physical skill they possess. You will find that kids may have the energy and stamina, but they may lack upper body strength. In surfing, it requires flexibility, stamina, and strength. Upper body strength helps surfers with pop up and paddling. Flexibility helps with lying on the board and standing up. It also ensures that you keep the back arched.

Your Surfing Experience
Small surf board volumes can make your surfing experience difficult. These boards are harder to paddle and catch waves. They are difficult to ride. Depending on your experience, you can get a board that allows you get more fun, ride safely, and catch the waves smoothly.

The Size of Waves
Larger waves are more difficult to catch and they could hurt you. You need the confidence and courage coupled with experience in surfing to catch these waves. You also want to get the right board. Large waves also tend to move fast than small waves and they are even heavier. A 6 inch wave is different than a 4 inch wave – riding a 10 inch wave is even scarier. Surfers should first learn the basics using soft top boards to ride foam waves and then advance to ride bigger waves on shorter boards.

When choosing a surfboard, your experience, skill, and physical capabilities come into play. Of course, you want to smile at the end after catching many waves, but that won’t happen if you cannot get the right surfboard. You can get advice on the right surfboard for your surfboard rentals in Charleston, SC from a surfboarding professional.

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