Three Things Homeowners Can Do to Stop Foreclosures in Marietta GA

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Lawyers And Law Firms

Purchasing a home is one of the highlights of a person’s life. It can be frightening facing losing a home after an owner has worked so hard to make their payments and pay their mortgage down. Although time is of the essence, there are some things a homeowner can do to help Stop Foreclosures in Marietta GA. It is critical individuals follow these steps and take care of the issue promptly so they can keep their home.

The first step a homeowner needs to take is to inform their mortgage holder as soon as they learn they are going to have problems making their payments. Often, lenders can offer options for restructuring the loan so payments can be reduced. The success of this option will depend on how soon the homeowner contacts their lender and how well they have kept up their payments until this point.

There some government programs that can help homeowners who are in distress. The Making Homes Affordable Plan offers homeowners the opportunity to refinance their mortgage loan for more favorable terms. While not every homeowner will qualify, it is important to learn more about this option to see if it is available and could help a homeowner Stop Foreclosures in Marietta GA.

If the threat of foreclosure is imminent, it behooves an owner to seek help from an attorney. An attorney can offer Chapter 13 as a means for an individual to avoid foreclosure. When chapter 13 is in force, all creditors must cease and desist which means they are not allowed to attempt to collect the debt by any means. It is important the bankruptcy is put into effect before the foreclosure process has begun.

While most individuals do not want to have to face bankruptcy, it affords homeowners a viable option for overcoming their debt and keeping their home. If you are facing more debt than your income will allow you to pay, visit website. He is an attorney who helps those who are in debt so they can find their way out and start a new financial future. Call the office right away to get started.

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