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What are the Steps Involved in Filing For Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City, OK?

Filing for Social Security Disability is meant to be fairly easy, but some individuals have a difficult time because they are not fully aware of what is expected from them during the process. If any paperwork is not filed, correctly or information asked for is not given; this can lead to unexpected delays and even denials. To avoid issues in the process, it is vital a person understands the steps involved and gets legal help to ensure they are able to properly file. This information will help individuals prepare for Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City OK.

Because the process often takes an extended period of time, it is critical a person does not delay in filing. Although the process is lengthy, an applicant will receive back payment from the time they first filed once they are approved for their benefits. This is usually given in a lump-sum payment.

All disability claims are sent to the Social Security Administration Disability Determination Services. Most people find it beneficial to file their claim in person, though online claims are allowed. It is especially helpful to meet a staff member in person if an applicant is unsure of which type of disability they need to file for. There are two types: Social Security Disability and Supplemental Income. A lawyer can prove helpful in making sure the correct type is filed, and the right paperwork and information are provided.

There are several pieces of information a person will need for filing:

  • Documentation of birth and citizenship
  • A detailed work history
  • The names and contact information for all physicians
  • Infomation on financial resources such as bank and retirement accounts.

As a part of the filing process, the applicant will need to sign the Authorization to Disclose Information form SSA 827. This form allows the administration to obtain all records needed for them to make a decision on approval or denial of benefits. Even if an applicant is denied, they can appeal two times, with the last appeal being held before an administrative law judge.

To make the process easier to go through, many applicants hire a lawyer to help them with Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City OK. If you would like further information on how a lawyer can help, visit

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