Time for a New Roof in Appleton: Is Cedar the Right Choice?

There is no question the old roof has to go. What must now be decided is what kind of roof will take its place. Instead of sticking with a product along the same lines as the old roof, why not think about something different? Wood, particularly cedar, is an excellent choice that may or may not come to mind at first. Here are some of the advantages this option for a New Roof in Appleton has to offer.

Low Density Translates to Reduced Shrinkage

Various types of roofing materials shrink and expand when certain weather conditions prevail. For example, higher levels of humidity during cooler seasons could trigger the shrinkage. Why not have the New Roof in Appleton constructed with materials that are less subject to shrinking? Cedar does happen to provide this benefitĀ and is less likely to buckle or warp as seasons pass.

Insulating Properties

Choosing to use cedar shingles for that new roof is another way to boost the insulation of the home. The material has natural properties that work in tandem with the insulation filling the walls and underĀ the flooring in the attic. The result is that the homeowner will find it easier to control the temperature indoors, including the temperature in the attic.


There are those who believe wood deteriorates faster than other roofing options. That is true with some types of wood. When it comes to cedar that’s been treated properly, there is no reason to think the roof will need replacing for at least a few decades.

As with any roof, there may be the need for repairs now and then. Cedar shingles are easy for a professional to replace since they can be cut to exact specifications and secured without having to remove larger sections of the roofing.

There are more benefits to cedar roofing that the homeowner should explore. Contact us today and arrange for a roofing contractor to visit the home. After taking a look at the place, the professional can make recommendations for the new roof and go over the pros and cons associated with each choice. Once a decision is made, that new roof will in place in no time.

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