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Whale Watching: Book a Charter Boat for Any Occasion

There are over 27 species of dolphins and whales that migrate through the Santa Barbara Channel throughout the year. This does not include the various other types of marine life that inhabit the area that provide a unique and memorable moment for people to enjoy. Whether you are visiting the location or are a resident, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity that whale watching season in California offers. From the beautiful coastline to the stunning marine life, you can experience an adventure most people are only able to enjoy once in their life. With a well-established whale watching service, they can provide you with the chance to view the behavioral patterns of various whales and other wildlife that live in the Pacific Ocean.

Events that Can be Made Unforgettable with the Right Whale Watching Charter Service

*School Field Trips
*Dinner Parties
*Wedding Ceremonies
*Receptions for Weddings
*Corporate Events
*Family Vacations
*Burial of a loved one at sea
*Weekend get-a-away

Enjoy a Cruise on a Luxurious Whale Watching Charter Boat

When planning an adventure during whale watching season in California, you can appreciate the voyage on a deluxe boat that was designed for comfort. From a spacious boat to comfortable seats, when you book your cruise with the right company you can enjoy dramatic scenery that will impress anyone that attends. Your guests can enjoy appetizers or delicious dining when you book the charter boat for a private viewing of the various marine life along the coastline.

Schedule Your Trip with a Well-Known and Trusted Charter Service

Condor Express Whale Watching has over 43 years of experience providing their clients with an unforgettable adventure. Whether you are planning a vacation or want to provide a unique experience with a special event. The crew knows the varied migration patterns of all the whales to ensure you will capture a moment with the marine wildlife that travels through the Santa Barbara Channel.

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