Tips For Buying Refrigeration Compressor Parts

by | May 27, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

When it comes to the large, commercial compressors, breakdowns are always a big problem that can end up costing a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product and business even with just short downtime.

When these types of breakdowns do occur, many companies make the decision to choose to buy refrigeration compressor parts and attempt to have their maintenance team complete the repairs. Unfortunately, this is often the most costly possible option for repair both in the downtime experienced as well as in long-term maintenance and repair of the compressor.

The Problems

There are several important considerations when choosing the option to buy refrigeration compressor parts and complete the repair in-house. The biggest problem is finding the parts quickly and also ensuring all necessary parts are ordered for the repair.
Finding the professionals with the experience and expertise in refrigeration repair in-house is another problem. As it only makes sense to completely check out the unit and replace any other worn or potentially stressed parts with new or like-new parts at the same time, having trained technician is important.

Typically in-house repair staff is not going to have the experience working with the specific type of compressor to know what specifically to look for.

The Solution

One simple solution to these problems, especially if there are several refrigeration compressor parts that need to be purchased and replaced, is to choose a remanufactured air compressor.

This allows you to choose the same make and model refrigeration compressor, or even upgrade to a newer model or a larger capacity option. With a remanufactured model, you will receive a like-new compressor with fully tested new or recycled parts, depending on the specific component.

The recycled parts are carefully tested to ensure they meet all OEM part specifications. However, as this is a remanufactured system, it is a lot less expensive, helping you to fit the replacement into your budget.

Additionally, some of the top companies that complete the remanufacturing process will accept your current refrigeration compressor to partially offset the cost of the remanufactured model providing it meets general requirements.

The result is a fully functioning, tested and warranted refrigeration compressor that can be dropped into place. With shipping available in one to three days for more national orders, this is a very cost-effective way to ensure your compressor will be ready to run and all components will be completely tested to prevent additional downtime that can occur if basic repairs are completed in-house.

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