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Tips For Purchasing A Used RV For Sale

Tips For Purchasing A Used RV For Sale

One of the easiest ways to save money on any type of vehicle is to purchase a quality used vehicle. This is also true when considering a pre-owned motorhome, 5th wheel trailer, or a used RV for sale Greensboro, NC.

For those interested in buying a used RV for sale Greensboro, NC, shopping locally at a reputable, established Greensboro, NC, dealership is the best option. Unfortunately, a lot of private sales and online auctions of RVs leave buyers with a unit that may not have been maintained or cared for, resulting in repair costs and problems.

Mold Issues

It is not uncommon for older RVs and those that have not been stored properly to develop mold problems on the interior. The humidity and wet conditions in and around Greensboro, NC, can be particularly hard on vehicles stored outside and not under cover.

Be sure to check carefully in corners and along the floor of the RV for any signs of water stains, water damage, or mold. The bathroom, storage areas, ceiling joints, and other similar locations, including the closets, should always be checked for the sight or smell of mold and mildew.

Check the Structure

Be sure to check the walls and the ceiling of the RV for any signs of buckling or twisting. It is also important to do more than a cursory check of the roof and the exterior of any used RV for sale Greensboro, NC. Any signs of repainting, extra caulking, or any other scratches, dents, or visible damage is a potential sign of a problem.

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