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Tips for Purging the Closets before You Move

Tips for Purging the Closets before You Move

Before you relocate, you’ll need to get rid of as many things as possible. This will give you a fresh new start and you’ll save money on moving services in Nashville. But what is the best way to purge your closets? Here are some tips to help you get through it with the least amount of pain and discomfort.

Do it Today!

Putting off the inevitable is not good for your state of mind. In fact, once you get started on your purge you’ll probably feel better because you’ll realize the end is now in sight. There’s no better place to start than closets, so just do it!

Eliminate Junk

Before you even think about calling moving services in Nashville start with closet junk and get rid of it. So, what qualifies as junk? Junk is anything you are not going to use and it serves no real purpose in your life. This applies to broken items and clothes you only dream about wearing some day.

Outdated Clothes

Chances are, those old clothes are not going to be back in fashion any time soon. Meanwhile they are taking up valuable closet space. Put them in a moving sale or simply donate them to a local charity. You may have too many pairs of shoes in your closet too. If there are clothes or shoes you have not worn for an entire year, why are you keeping them? To save on taxes, keep a record of all the things you donate to Nashville charities. If you have someone pick them up, ask for a receipt.

It Only Hurts for a Few Minutes

You may not want to let go of clothes from your past, due to sentimental value. However, you’ll cut your moving services costs and your new closet will be ready for the many new things you want to buy.

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