What To Consider When Selecting A Pharmaceutical Container

Everything matters when it comes to marketing to the public or when providing medications through a pharmacy. Choosing the incorrect type of packaging that makes it difficult for patients to open the container or fails to provide the necessary child-resistant opening can have significant or even serious consequences.

To help select the right pharmaceutical container for prescription or over-the-counter types of medications, consider the following important aspects before making a choice.

Patient Profile

It is important to consider the patient or the end-user for the product. The pharmaceutical container that is ideal for a hospital setting where nurses will be dispensing and tracking meds will be very different from what will be needed for a senior requiring a packaging product that is easy to open if they have arthritis.

The other side to the patient profile or user profile is if the medication needs to be carefully tracked or taken throughout the day. Both of these options lend themselves to blister packaging where it is easy to monitor dosage as well as easily transport the medication safely and in its protective packaging.


Many types of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, need to have pharmaceutical container options that are approved as child proof. While most commonly these are the specialized tops that need to be pushed down or have a tab depressed and turned, there are also options to childproof blister packaging as well.


In addition to the specific packaging, you many need to consider the pharmaceutical container in conjunction with your marketing and branding. Determining how packaging will fit into the plans and how it works with your marketing research will be important to consider early on in the decision process.

Working with a company that has experience and expertise in pharmaceutical packaging will be critical. With this type of partnership, you can find the right combination for any prescription or over-the-counter medication.

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