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Tips To Keep in Mind When Interviewing A Car Accident Attorney in Puyallup

Tips To Keep in Mind When Interviewing A Car Accident Attorney in Puyallup

Consumers hire service personnel all the time, be it plumbers, contractors or maid services, but somehow, when it comes to hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Puyallup, people think there must be something more they should be doing or saying or maybe looking for before they sign on the dotted line. Often, they feel like the attorney is interviewing them to decide if they’ll take on the case instead of the other way around. And yes, of course, the attorney has the right to turn a case down, but just as much, a consumer has the right to choose a different attorney if the first one you consult with doesn’t seem like a good fit. Before you choose a Car Accident Attorney in Puyallup, consider the following tips.

If you’ve ever used an attorney for any matter before and trusted him, consult with him for a referral. Even if it was for another matter such as divorce or adoption, they obviously know people and could probably refer you to someone they consider good in the field.

Consider experience, but many years of experience is not the end-all-be-all. If an attorney is well-established, with many years under his belt, he could have a multitude of cases to handle. It could be that he won’t have the time to devote to yours, giving you the one-on-one your case needs and deserves. On the other hand, a relatively new attorney establishing his practice could have all the time in the world and be anxious to establish a name for himself. This is good news for you.

While good grades in law school can be impressive, it’s not everything when it comes to hiring an attorney. It’s the power of his negotiation technique that makes the biggest difference. It’s been often said something to the effect of, teachers made As, judges made Bs and Cs make the money. So, keep that in mind when someone brags about their grades.

Keep in mind that the website is important, but it’s not everything. It’s simply a calling card showcasing what the attorney wants you to see. A flashy website does not mean an attorney is better or worse than an attorney who has a plain one.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have a clear, strong mind about you when you’re interviewing the attorney you trust your case with.

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