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Why You Should Choose a Direct Vent System for Your Home

There are many reasons why most people are leaning toward a direct vent system. This kind of system pulls fresh air in and sends its exhaust out through a combined flu system. The flu pipes are either located out of the back or the top of the fireplace for versatility. The flu pipe normally exits through a side wall of a room. The advantage of having this kind of fireplace is they are less expensive to install and no chimney is required. They are highly efficient and can be used as a gas wall furnace as well. If you prefer a fireplace that has a sealed fire box because you have pets or children then this style will work great for you. If you are looking for a fireplace direct vent in Chicago there is a reputable business that provides several styles, which will surely meet your needs.

Styles, Designs and Installations of a Direct Vent Fireplace

There are several styles of direct vent fireplaces you can choose from such as Full View Modern Linear, Regency, Mendota, Astria Merit Plus, Astria Montebello, Astria Rhapsody and Jotul. Each of these designs is unique in their own way. All of them offer a vast array of accessories like different finishes of panel styles, various looks in cast iron and different types of screen doors. When you purchase a direct vent system from a reputable business one of their experienced installers will come by your home to install it for you. The installer will discuss with you how the system works once they finished installing the vent system.

Enhance Your Home with Beauty and Keep Warm

Having a direct vent fireplace installed in your home will benefit you in many ways. If the power goes out you the fireplace still provides you with heat. You will notice a change in your heating bill and how the indoor air quality has improved in your home. No matter which style you choose the fireplace will enhance your home with beauty and keep you warm on those cold nights.

If you would like more information about fireplace direct vent contact Northwest Metalcraft today. Visit their website to see all of the styles they have to offer regarding these types of fireplaces.

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