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Understanding and Using Tobacco Pipes in Long Island

There are many reasons people choose to use Tobacco Pipes in Long Island. One of the main reasons is that they are now unbelievably cool. Forget the plastic or corncob contraptions once used by elderly fathers and grandfathers in decades past. The pipes made today are cutting-edge, artistic pieces which people not only use, but collect and cherish. If you are new to the culture of pipe-smoking, here are some quick tips to get you started.

Get the Accessories

Just purchasing a pipe and tobacco is not enough. You need to also consider a tamper to pack the tobacco into the bowl, pipe cleaners to make sure your smoke is always fresh and pure and some long wood matches which are much easier to use than a lighter. A good quality tobacco is also a sensible purchase.

Use it Correctly

The bowl of the pipe should be approximately three-quarters full of tobacco before you begin smoking. When tamping the tobacco, use a gentle hand to prevent crowding the bowl too much or breaking the pipe. If the tobacco is too tight, there will not be adequate circulation and you will not be able to properly smoke the tobacco. It is also important to keep the pipe from becoming too damp inside. Do not leave the pipe in your mouth between puffs and make certain your lips and mouth are dry before you inhale to prevent moisture buildup.

Extra Tips

Pipes will often go out during your smoking session. This is perfectly normal and does not signal any problem. Just relight your pipe and continue. By going out, it can actually prevent the tobacco from burning up too quickly. A pipe is not the same as a cigarette and it is designed to be enjoyed slowly. Don’t allow any fire that is hot enough to make the pipe uncomfortable to hold. If this occurs, allow the flame to die out and cool a little before relighting.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with corn cob pipes, they are an inexpensive way to learn to smoke a pipe. But if you want quality tobacco pipes in Long Island, you need to purchase briar or glass pipes instead. The look great and provide the best smoking experience you can get.


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