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Understanding Compensation with Personal Injury Law Attorneys in Gonzales, LA

Personal injury victims often assume their injuries will lead them to make money off of the case. Some even relate their settlement to winning the lottery. However, these representations are not accurate. Victims need to understand they are being compensated for their injuries and any accompanying damages. The goal isn’t to punish the responsible party but to ensure the victim does not have to pay bills that they didn’t intentionally incur and had no control over. When meeting with personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales, LA, keep this distinction in mind.

Determining the Settlement

Furthermore, victims need to recognize the settlement amount is not up to the attorney. The court or a jury of the victim’s peers determines the amount a victim is to be compensated. This is based on the expenses incurred by the victim following the accident and may include things such as household help brought in during the victim’s recovery, their medical bills, lost wages, and more. The attorney’s job is to ensure all related expenses are shared with the court so a fair settlement can be determined.

How the Attorney Is Paid

Most personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales, LA work on a contingency basis. This means they obtain a percentage of the settlement amount, and the percentage is determined before the case begins. With this billing method, the attorney only gets compensated if the case is won. However, expenses related to the case may be the responsibility of the client. The fees need to be clearly outlined in the retainer agreement before it is signed.

Hiring an attorney is wise, as this provides the victim with leverage. The other party recognizes the victim is willing to take the case as far as necessary to obtain fair compensation. Furthermore, the attorney is of great help if the other party tries to negotiate a settlement. They can determine if the amount being offered is fair or if a counter offer is needed. To learn more about how personal injury law attorneys are paid and how they can help you, browse our website. You will have all your questions answered so you can move forward with the case knowing what to expect.

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