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Avoiding Jail Time Before Trial with the Help of a Bail Bond Agency in Orange, CT

Avoiding Jail Time Before Trial with the Help of a Bail Bond Agency in Orange, CT

After a person has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, release from jail may be possible through a few routes. A judge may release this individual on their recognizance so that no bail is required. In most instances, though, cash bail is demanded by the court. Those who cannot afford bail or who do not want to take money from savings may seek service from a bail bond agency in Orange, CT.

Avoiding Jail Time Before Trial

With the posting of a surety bond in exchange for a service fee, a bail bond agency in Orange, CT allows the person accused of a crime to avoid spending many weeks or even months in jail before trial. The person may not feel pressured into a plea bargain if they are at home and not locked behind bars. This gives the defendant time to see if a judge will dismiss the case or the prosecution will drop charges due to insufficient evidence.

Bail Bond Agent Considerations

A bail bonds agent considers many of the same factors a judge does regarding how reliable the defendant seems to be. Usually, a spouse or domestic partner, or an immediate family member fill out the application and pay the service fee. Some collateral may be required, depending on all the circumstances.

For example, if a judge set the bail unusually high for this specific criminal charge, the agent knows the judge may believe the defendant is a flight risk. The person completing the application may fully trust their loved one not to run away, but the bonds agent must be careful because the court will hold the agency liable for full cash bail if the defendant does disappear. People at risk of harsher sentences because of higher-level felony charges are often more likely to run.

Getting Started

This can be a terrifying time for the defendant and those who love this person. Being able to obtain help from an organization like Aces Bail Bonds is a huge relief. Contact Aces Bail Bonds Inc to get started with the application.

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