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Understanding the Value of Aftercare for Recovering Drug Addicts

Rehabilitation is a major step in the overall treatment of and recovery from drug addiction. However, it is vital to remember that it is not the only step. Long after you finish your rehabilitation period, you will still have a major obstacle to encounter and overcome: aftercare. Here are 3 quick points to apply in your aftercare plan to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Do Not Shy Away from One-on-One Therapy

Support groups and group therapy sessions are highlights in most rehab programs, including oxycodone addiction treatment programs in Florida. Recovering addicts surrounded one another as they share their stories of victories and failures along with their similar struggles with addiction.

However, you are mostly on your own during the aftercare stage – especially if you decide to get back to your “normal” routine. Do not shy away from the benefits of one-on-one therapy. It might not have the same ambiance as a group session, but you can still get the individualized attention from a licensed expert that you need to continue progressing.

Embrace the Beauty of Sober Living Housing

If you are not able to return home for one reason or another after your rehabilitation, it is best to consider sober living housing instead of exploring less accommodating options. Sober living houses allow you to remain dwelling in a drug-free environment while working or going to school day after day. When working your way through a Florida oxycodone addiction treatment plan, you are advised to avoid associating with the people who either sold you the drugs or did them alongside you – especially if they are still active addicts.

After rehab, you might strongly want to revisit your “roots” and just get back to a familiar setting with your friends and family. However, as taught through most rehabilitation programs, your needs will have to overpower your wants if you truly want to be successful at recovering from your drug addiction.

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