Various Reasons to See Your Emergency Dentist

The loss of teeth are the biggest fear of any patient in relation to their mouth. Cavities, gingivitis and the like are the most common problems in cases of periodontitis. However, there are other risks to your mouth that can cause tooth loss. A car accident, a fall, etc. at any time will cause you to lose teeth, but one of the major causes of tooth loss are dangerous sports and accidental contact. If you have experience any of these issues, seek help from your local Emergency Dentist as soon as possible.

For dentists, the welfare of their patients is always a priority, but the athletes involved in disciplines such as boxing, hockey, rugby, martial arts are always at a risk for tooth loss. Not all contact sports are equal, boxing, for example, is one that provides more dental problems because of the head trauma. The trauma is concentrated in the upper body so many fighters will spend many years visiting the dentist for emergency dental loss. But not all tooth fractures are equal. Dentists can distinguish between:

  • Crown fractures: occurs when only part of the tooth is damaged only on the surface.
  • Crown root fracture: in this case, the hit produces a broken tooth which also affects the interior thereof.
  • Total tooth loss: occurs when the entire tooth is missing because of trauma.

How to prevent trauma to the teeth?

For all those risk takers, you can enjoy your favorite sport without fear of literally losing your teeth. The most effective solution is mouth guards or splints or plastic resins that mold to your mouth so that upon impact your teeth do not suffer the consequences. There are different types of splints, and depending on the sport, you can choose between mouth guards for the upper arch, or both. In addition, you can get help from your dentist to make the mold for your mouth.

These sports molds, or splints, are transparent and they protect teeth during the practice of certain physical exercises or activities. They are designed for athletes and they will protect shots to the face, but will also prevent release tension with strong occlusions protecting the temporomandibular joint. For more information contact your local Emergency Dentist todayor you can visit Joseph A. Schell D.D.S., S.C.

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