Why Pet Vaccinations are Essential to the Health of Your Pet

If you are an animal owner, it’s likely that you’ve been told of the importance of vaccinating your pet to keep them healthy. But, why are vaccinations so important? What exactly do they do and how to they protect your pet? First and foremost, vaccinating your pet helps to protect it from infections and diseases. Animals, especially pets that are outdoors, are bound to come in contact with things that could be detrimental to their health. Making sure that your pet is vaccinated will not only keep him or her healthy, it will also keep other animals in your community health as well.

Pet vaccinations work exactly like human vaccinations – they help the body’s immune system to recognize harmful germs and fight them off. When an animal’s body is introduced to a particular organism, the immune system responds and remembers the organism later in life if the animal becomes exposed to it again. While not all vaccines are recommended for every animal, your veterinarian will take into account your pet’s age, lifestyle and medical history to determine which vaccinations are needed. The rabies vaccine is the one vaccine that is required by law in every state. While each state has varying laws on how often the vaccine is needed, it is a legal requirement for you pet to be vaccinated against rabies.

While there is no doubt that pet vaccinations are necessary for the health of your animal, there are side effects that can sometimes occur. These include:

1. fever
2. vomiting or diarrhea
3. swelling or hives
4. labored breathing
5. seizures

While these side effects are not common, they are still something that pet owners need to be aware of. Make sure that your veterinarian is aware of your pet’s medical background before the shots are administered.

All veterinarian clinics and offices should offer vaccinations for pets. Many, like Sitename, will post the vaccinations they provide as well as the prices on their website so that you can make sure that you are a choosing a clinic that can provide the services that your pet needs. Vaccinating your pet is the main way that you can safeguard them from the dangers of the outside world. Make sure you that you do your part to keep your animals protected!

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