Want to Improve Your Gas Station Price Signs? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re looking to boost your sales, one thing you can do is to improve on your gas station price signs. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is it damaged?

Being exposed to the outdoor elements often takes a tremendous toll on your price signs. If yours is already looking worn-out or showing signs of wear or even damage, then that’s sending the wrong message to your audience. They might assume that your gas station isn’t a reputable place of business so they end up turning elsewhere. Stop that from happening by putting up new and better signs.

Is it the same sign?

You have plenty of options when it comes to gas station price signs out there. Browse through as many choices as you want and go for a definite upgrade over your old signs. Using new technologies can help you display those signs better. That’s going to make it easier to attract a bigger crowd to your station.

Is it visible?

The number one rule of signs is to make sure they’re visible. That’s often why a lot of stations go for huge signs. These are easy to spot and could draw instant attention even from a good distance away. If yours isn’t visible, then you’re losing valuable opportunity—not to mention wasting your marketing budget—because you aren’t connecting to your audience.

Is it easy to understand?

If your signs aren’t entirely readable, that could be confusing to potential customers. And it could be one of the reasons why they pick other stations over yours. Check to make sure your sign isn’t just visible but readable as well.

Is it in the right location?

Put those signs in the right place. Pick a good spot, says the Houston Chronicle. That’s going to help boost the visibility of your signs.

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