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What Can A Patient Expect From A Face Lift?

Age can take its toll on a person’s skin tone; the result can be sagging around the neck, face and forehead. A facelift in Chicago, technically known as Rhytidectomy is plastic surgery that can reduce the signs of aging by the extraction of excess fat and the tightening of facial and neck muscles as well as the elimination of loose skin.

The plastic surgeon attempts to tighten the skin in the neck and the cheek by making small incisions. The incisions are made in the temple and ear area where it is less likely to be noticed in the event of minor scaring. The skin is lifted up and pulled back to the incision points. In the event the patient has excess fat in these areas the surgeon may elect to use liposuction at this time to remove it. Although reducing the signs of aging in the area around the eyes is not traditionally thought of as part of a face lift in Chicago, these problem areas can be corrected at the same time.

A face lift can improve the appearance of the patient considerably without any drastic changes. A face lift simply tightens the skin but it does nothing to prevent aging. A face lift is akin to setting the clock back, it may be necessary for patients to have further intervention once further signs of aging appear.

The majority of people who have a facelift are in the age bracket between forty and sixty. Although this is the norm many people in their seventies and even older have seen good results. Because people under the age of forty have yet to suffer the ravages of age they have fewer lines and their skin is usually still quite elastic, as a result a facelift for this age group will not have the same effect.

There is little pain associated with having a face lift in Chicago; most patients see it as a minor discomfort which is well worth the results. What little discomfort there is disappears within a few days or a week. There may be bruising but this is a problem that can be quickly solved with cosmetics that the plastic surgeon will recommend.

Common alternatives to a full face lift are facial peels and dermabrasion but the results are not the same. Botox is also an alternative which pumps up sagging skin and smoothes wrinkles but it too is not long lasting as is a face lift.

As you age your skin naturally wrinkles and sags. These aging problems can be reduced by having a face lift in Chicago. For more information you are invited to make an appointment with

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