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How Movers Can Help with Logistics in Charlotte NC

How Movers Can Help with Logistics in Charlotte NC

Moving is a process that is filled with many difficulties and obstacles to overcome, and, if not done with the right planning and organization, can become chaotic – personally, financially and physically. There are some basic logistics that need to be carried out so that a move can be done efficiently and effectively and reduce the stress that can take years off one’s life.

People often wait until the last minute to move which is already too late. Planning for a move should begin at least a month or more before the moving date so as to get the most reliable and dependable movers. These movers can provide single point of contact and logistics, Charlotte NC being one city where planning early and in a timely fashion are essential.

Finding Trustworthy Movers
Reputable moving companies are found by first getting information about the companies. Trustworthy moving companies have a state carrier license number, a number from the United States Department of Transportation for interstate and long distance moves, have an insurance carrier and a physical office location, and are members of the American Moving and Storage Association, the national trade association for the professional moving industry.

Then research can be done about these companies. Online reviews about these companies are one source of information while past customers are another source who may also provide references about the companies. Check the insurance policies of these companies as well to ensure they cover any incidents during a move and the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce to view ratings on how these companies handle complaints and other issues during a move.

Transferring Services
Another important logistics issue is transferring home services. Arrangements need to be made with utility companies so that there will be heat during the winter, electricity at all times and phone services if land lines will be used in the new home. Internet and cable or satellite television set-ups are also required as many people now do much of their banking and bill payment online.

Lightening the Load
Offload those unwanted or unused possessions that may not have a place in the new home. Go through the house several months in advance and start organizing items by room to select the essential items that will be needed in the new home and discard the ones that one could do without by having a yard sale or donating them to charity.

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