What Happens If a Business Dispute Cannot Be Settled?

There are times when a business dispute arises and it cannot be resolved by the parties through negotiation or arbitration. When this happens, business litigation lawyers in Chicago enter the picture and work towards finding remedy that will solve the problem.  The dispute can be between an individual and a business but most often is when one business entity is involved in a legal dispute with another business entity. There are a number of areas where disputes often occur.

Finance and investments: A financial portfolio is often at the heart of one’s investment strategy. Anyone who has reason to believe that their investment advisor or broker has acted in an unethical manner can bring litigation against those who are trusted with other people’s money but fail to act in the best interest of that person or business entity. If the investor suffers a financial loss and the broker has not acted ethically, the investor can purse recompense for such unethical action. In many cases unethical broker behavior involves the promotion of an inappropriate investment opportunity as well as not providing full disclose, either of which constitutes fraud.

Intellectual property: As well as financial fraud and/or unethical behavior another common dispute involves a dispute over intellectual property. Business litigation lawyers in Chicago are often called upon when there is an infringement on a patent or trademark.

Breach of fiduciary duty: This often happens in closely held companies or corporations and often is the cause of strain on the relationships of the individuals. If one individual fails to operate in good faith or is disloyal, the affected partners are free to pursue business litigation against the violator.

Insurance disputes: Sometimes, insurance companies may attempt to undervalue or even deny a claim. Should this happen the business has every right to sue for the amount they are legally entitled to. Insurance companies have many ruses that they can use to avoid paying what has been proven to be a valid claim. One common way the insurance company may use to avoid full or even partial payment is the use of deceptive wording in the body of the contract. Business litigation lawyers are trained to resolve disputes about these sort of occurrences.

When business disputes do arise, it is always preferable to resolve the problem without the involvement of business litigation lawyers. However, when all other efforts fail, then a seasoned lawyer is invaluable in protecting your legal rights.

If you or a business you own is involved in a dispute there may be a need to engage the services of business litigation lawyers in Chicago. You are invited to discuss your dispute with the legal professionals at Zimmerman Law Offices. Visit them online at www.attorneyzim.com/practice-areas/business-litigation/

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