What Happens When Someone Hires Wrongful Death Lawyers in Lake City, FL?

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Lawyers

Most people are unaware of the many steps that must be taken when filing a wrongful death lawsuit, which is why it is important people hire wrongful death lawyers in Lake City, FL. Hiring a lawyer allows a person to have the guidance they need in their pursuit so the process will not be so stressful. Understanding what happens when hiring a lawyer can make a big difference in how a person approaches working with their lawyer and filing a lawsuit for their loved one’s wrongful death.

The first and biggest phase of the process is the pre-trial investigation and research phase. This is the most important part of the lawyer’s job because they must be fully prepared to face a lengthy trial. This part of the process may drag on for months or even years, depending on the timeline of the lawsuit and how fast it progresses. During this phase, the lawyer speaks with the victim’s family, gathering as many facts as possible. They may interview doctors, police officers, and other professionals so they can gain information.

Legal research is a key component in any wrongful death case. Studying case precedents can allow a lawyer to learn information that can prove useful in pursuing a court case. The study of case precedents is extremely time-consuming but well worth it for the lawyer and client. The judicial interpretation of laws in Florida can provide an attorney with information that can be used to sway a judge and jury into giving a fair outcome for a client.

Before a trial occurs, pre-suit negotiations take place between both parties, to attempt to reach a settlement outside of the confines of court. Although many wrongful death cases are settled outside of court, sometimes a trial is the only option for a truly fair settlement.

If your loved one’s death was caused by someone else, you may have the option of pursuing them for monetary damages. For more information on filing a wrongful death claim, visit Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com. They are a law team victims can rely on to ensure they receive the fair compensation amount their loved one’s death deserves.

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