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What to Decide On When Building a Brick Home

What to Decide On When Building a Brick Home

Choosing to build a home rather than buy one is a rather admirable and appealing choice. Doing so allows homeowners to customize their new home’s specifications to exactly what they want and ensures that their new home is unique. Many of these homeowners are choosing to build brick homes rather than traditional wood and siding homes. However, there are many other decisions that need to be made by homeowners and their home builder in Brick, NJ home before construction can begin.

Size and Structure
Many of the decisions that homeowners need to make about their new brick home involve its size and its structural elements. This will affect the home’s construction costs, which are going to be a tad higher per square foot for a brick home. Many home builders encourage potential homeowners to address structural decisions early on in the planning process. This can allow any potential problems that may arise to be resolved early and ensure that construction begins without issue. It can also help homeowners with the final decision on what to include in their new brick home.

Solid Brick or Brick Veneer
Brick homes are usually built in one of two ways. Solid brick homes usually have interior and exterior walls made of brick with a gap in between for insulation and to allow air and water—which bricks absorb fairly easily—to pass through without issues. It’s the more durable of the two options and was the standard for brick home construction for decades. Brick veneer, on the other hand, involves the interior walls being made of wood rather than brick. The exterior walls of homes made with brick veneer are still brick, but they act more like the home’s siding.

All Brick or Combination
Most home builders who specialize in brick will offer the option of using stone in addition to brick when building a brick home. It’s usually an aesthetic option more than it is a structural one, as stone can act as a complimentary accent when it is in a color that contrasts with the brick. When done correctly, it can sometimes save on costs and create an eye-popping façade that will make the home standout. Including traditional siding in some places—like on the sides of dormer windows—can also be an option and may be more practical for construction purposes.

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