What to Expect when it is Time to Call Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA for Pumping

For most homeowners, the septic tank is not a hot topic of conversation that is discussed very often. However, if the home has one, it is an important part of the entire plumbing system. If the tank is full or overfilled, it will be necessary to call professional Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA to pump it. Some of the signs it is time to get this service can be found here.

Pooled Water in the Yard

If there are areas of pooled water in the yard, and it has not recently rained, then it may indicate the septic tank is overflowing. When the tank reaches its capacity, the solid waste in it can clog the piping system in the drain field and force the liquid to the surface. This is what will appear in the lawn. At this point, it is necessary to call for help from Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA.

Slow Flowing Drains

The slow moving drains in a home may mean that a clog is present. However if the drains continue to move slowly even after they are unclogged, then the septic tank may be full. The same is true for toilets that don’t flush properly.

Bad Smells

Septic tanks not only collect waste, but they also hold the gray water that comes from doing laundry, washing the dishes, showering and more. When this is combined with the black water that goes into the toilet, it can create a very foul smelling mixture. If a homeowner begins to smell any foul odors in their yard, it may be time to call for service.

A Lawn that Appears too Healthy

Contrary to what many people think, the grass over the septic tank should look the same as the grass in the rest of the yard. If it is overly lush or green in that location, it may indicate there is a leak.

When it comes to a home’s septic tank it is important to watch for signs it has become full. If any of the signs that are highlighted here are seen, it is important to call for professional service. This will help ensure the septic system works properly.

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