When Choosing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Shop from Respectable Manufacturers

Most homeowners already know that they must have working smoke/fire detectors throughout their house, as it’s a law in most states. Likewise, most insurance companies require that you have them. If you don’t, they’ll either hike up your premiums or they won’t insure you. However, most laws do not require that your home has a carbon monoxide alarm, though you should still purchase at least one to ensure your safety. When focused on these alert systems, the manufacturers are just as essential as the system itself.

Where It’s Made

Many manufacturers are overseas because they have the right tools and skills to make the products. However, that could cause problems in the United States. because they may not be up to the building codes and standards. Therefore, it’s always best to look for products made or packaged in the U.S. to ensure they’re up-to-code. Once you’re sure the product will work in your home, you can determine other factors.


Of course, the primary goal of a carbon monoxide alarm is to detect it and alert you to its presence. Not only should it light up to show you that it’s working, but it should also make a loud, noticeable sound when carbon monoxide has accumulated above safe levels.

Even if the alarm is hardwired, it should allow you to use battery backup, which ensures that it will still work during a power outage. You can also find newer technology features, such as integration between multiple alarms in the house, voice services, apps that allow you to silence and test it, and more.

A carbon monoxide alarm is essential to the safety of every home. Visit First Alert online, one of the best carbon monoxide alarm manufacturers for more information.

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