When Should You Choose a Holistic Vet Clinic?

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Pets

You want to ensure that the best possible care for your pet at all times. Part of that is making sure that you have access to the right treatments and care options. If you have heard of the benefits offered by working with a holistic vet clinic in Columbia, MD, you might wonder when this type of care is beneficial, and when you might need conventional veterinary care.

When Holistic Care Is the Right Option

You’ll find that holistic care is the right option for a very wide range of needs. This is particularly true if your pet is anxious, seems depressed, or is suffering from allergies or other non-emergency conditions. Your vet can provide a broad range of treatment modalities to help your pet improve, including:

  • Aquapuncture: This combination of IV therapy and acupuncture can soothe sore, irritated joints, help with energy flow, and improve muscle tone and strength.
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy can help with stress and anxiety, with pain related to muscle and bone conditions, and more.
  • Essential Oils: Essential oil treatments offer help in the face of depression, anxiety, fear, aggression and other mental and emotional imbalances.
  • Microbiome Treatment: Gut flora plays a vital role in your pet’s health, and it can be thrown off by conventional pet foods. Microbiome treatments ensure plenty of good bacteria to support optimum health.
  • IV Therapy: IV therapy can help with vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, lethargy, treating cancer and autoimmune disorders, and more.

When Conventional Treatments Matter

While you’ll find that a holistic vet clinic’s treatments can be beneficial in many instances, there are times when conventional treatment matters. Emergency surgery for injuries is an excellent example. For instance, if your dog is attacked by another dog, surgery is the answer. It is also important in many other situations. For example, if you suspect a broken bone, or serious joint deterioration, x-rays can help to pinpoint the problem. Pet dentistry, blood work, heartworm prevention and other areas are also best handled through conventional methods.

The Ideal Solution

Perhaps the best solution is to find a holistic vet clinic in Columbia, MD that offers not just holistic treatments, but also access to important conventional medical treatments. This ensures that your pet always has access to the right treatment method, and you only need to work with one clinic. We invite you to contact Holistic Veterinary Healing today by calling us at 240-715-6570. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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