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Renovating Older Commercial Buildings

Renovating Older Commercial Buildings

Renovating older buildings is always a challenge but one that has the potential to be exceedingly profitable. Businesses looking to locate in older commercial buildings want the charming architectural features of yesteryear with the top tech features of today. Whether it is a turn-of-the-century (the 19th century) Gothic masonry building or a mid-century modern masterpiece, it takes a great deal of craft and care to fully renovate the building to modern standards. With craft and care, Seattle can still boast of a wide range of architectural styles in historic neighborhoods, nurture young companies, and revitalize its commercial building stock.

Sick Buildings and Vital Systems

Buildings can get sick. Older Seattle buildings that have had multiple renovations can be suffering from sick building syndrome as a result of prior building codes. Back in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, many buildings were built with inadequate ventilation to draw off volatile organic compounds present in the paint, carpet, insulation, and furnishings. Even if the presence of VOCs has been remediated, the current HVAC set up may be inadequate. Having an assessment from a qualified firm of HVAC consultants is essential to making sure that buildings ventilation is sufficient enough to keep the indoor air quality from suffering. The EPA has guidelines and regulations that govern HVAC systems and should be followed precisely to prevent the HVAC system from becoming a source of sick building syndrome.

Local Expertise

Local HVAC consultants know Seattle the best. Work with a company that has a track record for building, designing, and optimizing HVAC systems. Your consultant should be able to handle anything from routine maintenance to machining to design and build out. Continuity of care is important when maintaining HVAC systems, and having a complete solution on board with a plan for building renovation is the best of all possible starts.

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