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Fun and Creative Ways to Serve Fresh Lobster

Think lobster can only be served steamed with a side of butter? Think again! Here are some delicious ways to serve fresh lobster meat at your next family dinner or event:

Serve It Up on a Sandwich

Looking to make lobster a more casual dish? Serve the meat on a sandwich such as a BLT, or with a fresh, citrusy twist on a classic lobster roll. Everyone loves a good sandwich – especially one made with sweet, fresh lobster!

Pizza, Tacos, and Other Familiar Favorites

Have a house full of picky eaters on your hands? One of the best ways to get kids and adults alike to try new or unfamiliar foods is to serve it in a familiar format. Try topping homemade pizza with lobster and a tangy, creamy white sauce. Fill tacos with succulent seafood flavors by stuffing them with fresh lobster meat. Eating it whole, straight from the seafood supplier might be ideal for you, but if you’ve got picky pallets to please, go with something more familiar and watch them gobble it up!

Go Gourmet

There is a reason lobster croquettes, soups and stews, and other dishes are considered New England delicacies. With natural versatility and flexible flavor, lobster is excellent in any of these applications – and is easily dressed up for even your most important events and social gatherings!

Hide It in a Casserole Dish

For lovers of lobster, it is best-served front and center, as the star of a dish. However, many people find that the mild flavor of fresh lobster meat also lends itself well to casseroles, savory pies, and other dishes. Consider folding lobster into pasta, tucking it into pot pies, or whipping it into stuffing for larger main course meats. With a sweet, mild flavor and pull-apart texture, fresh lobster goes well with just about everything!

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