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Why and How to Layer and Style Your Attire with Short Sleeve Pullover

Why and How to Layer and Style Your Attire with Short Sleeve Pullover

The professional ideology of layering and styling your attire is to master the art of combining the clothes and making them aesthetically pleasant; yet maintaining the comfort and protection. Fashionably, we divide layering into four seasons and winter is considered the ideal season for donning with clothing layers. Some ideal layering clothes include a scarf, short sleeve pullover, jacket, coat, and shirt.

Why We Create Layers?
Clothing layers are created either for protecting the human body and skin or for fashion purposes. Thicker layers are created to retain heat inside the clothes and keep the body warm. Different clothing techniques are used to absorb air moisture, allowing air flow through specific body parts or for total heat retention.

For styling, variety of clothes and different color combinations are used. Layers can boost your style and add life to any dull or boring dress. A dull gray and black marble maxi can be geared up for ramp simply by wearing a neon color short sleeve pullover over it.
Here are some tricks to layer and style up your attire using a short sleeve pullover.

Make Every Layer Visible but Outer Hems Longer
Make all the layers visible keeping the comfort level high. The easier way is to make the collar of inner shirt slightly visible from the pullover. If you are wearing two layers inside, then hide the layer closest to the skin and make the second layer slightly visible. Make sure that the sleeves of inner shirts are hidden under the sleeves of pullover in order to keep the outer hems longer.

Roll Up Sleeves Like a Pro
There are different ways to pair and style up the sleeves. You may skip rolling up the sleeves if the first layer under the short sleeve pullover is plain and has full sleeves. For rolling up sleeves like a pro, there are different techniques.

Slightly overlap the first layer sleeves with the second layer sleeves and roll them up equally so that the first layer sleeve is visible from the rolled second layer sleeve.

Roll the first layer sleeves inside the second layer and slightly roll the second layer so that only second layer sleeves are visible.

Play with Colors
If the season is in favor of wearing less layers then try playing with colors. Make unique combinations of upper and lower layers. For adding more variety to your attire, you can also pair up different types of styles; for example, a blue short sleeve pullover with black jeans and a similar pullover with black skirt would look totally different.

Bonus Tip
When it comes to short sleeve shirts and pullovers, you have to be more cautious to make sure that your dress code suits the needs of current trends. The tip here is to maintain decency rather than following showbiz glamour.

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