Why Real Estate Investments in Marysville CA Should Always Go Through an IRA

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Financial Services

In 2017, Social Security will be dried up. That leaves a whole generation of people who are quickly aging and frightened about how they are going to handle their future. Not everyone has a “get out of jail free” card such as a wealthy son or daughter. They must work with the systems in place, and that could be a scary prospect.

Real estate is the answer for many. Real estate not purchased through an IRA will leave vulnerabilities in the purchase. What are the three basic rules when it comes to investing in real estate through an IRA?

IRA Trust Holds Ownership: Who owns the property? The deed of the property will state that the IRA owns the property. For practical reasons, this is an extra layer of protection. Title deeds are public record. Mailing listings and other investment entities will use public data to do what they need to do. On another note, the owner of the IRA is not liable for any recourse involved with the property, such as an improper title transfer or taxes.

Leveraging: Investments in real estate should be tied to an IRA for additional leverage. They can easily harness that real estate acquisition in a quick sale. The financial management team will have the sale information consolidated, and they can easily transfer titles and deeds without much headache. An IRA protects the purchase, but it also makes a quick sale a lot more feasible.

No Tax Until Distribution: taxes are consolidated under one roof when it comes to an IRA. Investments in Marysville CA area, such as a property purchase, are tax-held until the IRA disburses. This is an effective feature for many investors, and arguably the main element that keeps investors working through an IRA. Some tax advantages from a non-IRA real estate purchase are lost. This includes depreciation, among a few others. But, it is more than made up for with the tax advantages in an IRA.

An IRA is just the answer. People are turning to real estate to fuel their passions and get in a state of prosperity where Social Security is not necessary. Investments in Marysville CA that work through the real estate industry can easily be backed and affirmed through an IRA.

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