Why Choose Condos On The Upper West Side

If you plan to move to NYC or already live there and want the best, condos on the Upper West Side are where it’s happening. While it may not seem like the trendiest spot, you’ll find that you get all the benefits of ownership along with maintenance-free living, the best shopping and entertainment, and so much more.

No Yard Work

One of the greatest reasons to consider condos on the Upper West Side is to get out of doing all the annoying landscaping. You won’t have to mow the grass or pull weeds, nor will you have to worry about the beautification of the grounds. Everything is handled by professionals or live-ins, so you’re free to enjoy your lifestyle, whatever that may be.

Built-In Community

While you don’t necessarily have to be friends with everyone in the building or on the same floor, you may find that you all have more things in common. You may choose to get together for building-only parties and fun, ensuring that your social needs are always on par. Plus, you can always schedule something for a weekend when you’ve got no plans so that you can all get to know each other better.

High-End Amenities

While you may think you’ll spend more time out and about in the shops, you’ll find that the amenities provided to you will give you more reasons to stay at home. Lavishness, such as lounges with pool tables make it easy to entertain guests (both those who live there and friends from out of town). The rooftop terrace will wow your friends and will put you in the mood for relaxation, especially in the evenings as the sun goes down. Condos on the Upper West Side will usually have fitness centers with the best equipment, ensuring that you burn calories and remain healthy. For more information visit 221 West 77.

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