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Amenities to Look for in a Condo

Whether you’re looking for condos near the Las Vegas Strip, or condos along the California coast, there are certain amenities that will make condo living even better. Among the things to look for:

  • 24-hour security; this could mean having a security guard onsite or secure entry points.

  • Gym, complete with sauna and hot tub. The equipment should be clean and well maintained

  • Vibrant street life: If you’re looking at condos in Las Vegas, you’ll already have this! Developments like Veer Towers are located close to the strip so you’ll never be bored

  • Accessible greenspace: There will be days when you’ll want to get away from it all. A good condo plan will include a nearby park or hiking trails where you can enjoy the outdoors.

  • Swimming pool: A rooftop swimming pool is even better, as it can give you an incredible view of your surroundings. Some are outdoor and others are indoor depending on the climate.

  • Rooftop vegetable garden: Some condo developments have included rooftop vegetable gardens to not only improve their carbon footprint, but provide condo dwellers with wholesome, organic food.

  • Games room: Billiards and media rooms allow you and your friends to hang out and have some fun.

  • Banquet/party room: Just because you live in a condo doesn’t mean you can’t host your parents’ 25th anniversary party or next holiday party. Most condos have large rooms for rent that you can use for any special occasion.

  • Bike storage: Getting around in the city can be much easier on a bike than in car, especially if you’re single. Having a place to store your bike can make life much more convenient.

Choose which amenities are important to you; find a condo that you love and has the amenities you need. Think ahead to which amenities you may need in the future, not just the ones you need now.

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