Articulated Dump Trucks: The Flatbed Dump Truck

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Automotive Services

Dump trucks are a common sight on the street and at construction sites. They handle the transportation and dumping of a wide variety of loose material. They are not, however, a homogenous group. While the basic components are similar, they come in many different models. The two basic types are rigid and articulated. In the latter category, you find the flatbed dump truck.

Articulated Dump Trucks

You can find many articulated dump trucks (ADTs) operating in Fresno CA and environs. Rigid dump trucks possess a fixed (rigid) chassis. This houses both the cab (tractor) and the dump body (trailer) of the vehicle. With an articulated dump truck, the tractor and the trailer meet at an articulation point located directly behind the tractor. They exhibit a pivoting motion.

Construction companies and engineers favor ADTs. They are excellent earthmoving devices. You can find them in operation at

* Construction projects

* Mining sites – including those underground

* Quarries

* Tunnel building

A type of articulated dump truck is the flatbed dump truck. They can act like a typical flatbed truck. However, they combine it with the dumping capabilities of a dump truck. In other words, this type of dump truck can transport and dump with ease a variety of material. They work hard at Fresno CA construction sites transporting loose sand, dirt, and gravel.

The Flatbed Dump Truck

Flatbed dump trucks are a relatively new invention. They have been around for only over 50 years. However, recently they have become increasingly popular in various industries. Today, a flatbed dump truck makes it easier for construction companies to both transport and unload loose material on the site. In Fresno CA, these vehicles continue to prove their worth. Employees work long hours on these durable machines. Manufacturers try to make their job a little easier in several ways, most notably by equipping the cabs with comfortable seats.

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