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Automate Your Shrink Wrap Projects To Reduce Time, Labor & Costs

Automate Your Shrink Wrap Projects To Reduce Time, Labor & Costs

Shrink-wrapping pallets is time consuming and can be quite dangerous. How many times have you been on the receiving end of a shrink-wrapped pallet that slouches like that famous leaning tower? With an automated shrink wrap machine you eliminate human error, potential injury and freight damage claims.

When in Doubt, Go Orbital

Today’s shrink wrap machines are a far cry from those used even a few years ago. The most exciting design to date is the shrink wrap machine with orbital technology. This powerful, rapid machine resembles a large doorway. Using a fork lift, you insert your entire stacked pallet into the “doorway.”

The machine’s gears then orbit the entire palette from top to bottom and along a horizontal axis. The machine emits wrap all around the entire palette, including the pallet within the shrink wrap cocoon. This stabilizes even large and oddly shaped pallets, securing the stacked product to the pallet and “congealing” the entire mixed load into a uniform, solid, wrapped mass.

Comfort & Safety

Automated shrink wrap machines with orbital technology are easy to use, safe and comfortable. They have an ergonomic design boasting a side access door for quick, simple changing of stretch-wrap rolls. Remote control activation and emergency stops give operators the power to cease activity at the first sign.

One operator is all that’s required, and the machine’s compatibility with a fork lift ensures that the operator maintains a safe distance from the machine as it works. Entire pallets take about a minute to wrap, cutting your shrink wrap times to the barest minimum while increasing the total number of pallets you can wrap annually.

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