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Choosing the Type of Tooth Filling You Need

Taking care of your teeth is very important, so when you have a cavity, having your dentist choose a tooth filling in  area (or any other city) should be done quickly. Traditionally, silver fillings were the norm; today, however, there are several different options.

Silver Fillings

Silver fillings are the traditional fillings that dentists have used for decades. They are sturdy and durable, but they do require a certain amount of drilling in your tooth. The biggest disadvantage to silver fillings is that they do not match your tooth, so they are identifiable; not always a great option if the teeth are near the front. These may also be a more economical choice because they are typically less expensive.

White or Tooth colored fillings

Known as composite fillings, these are the same color as your teeth. These are typically made of glass or quartz, and can be matched closely with the color of your teeth. They are an ideal choice for small or medium-sized cavities, or for back teeth that do a lot of chewing. Dentists may also choose composite fillings for those who have anxiety, as they require less drilling, thus less time in the dentist chair.

Fillings that Release Fluoride

This is a new option that is gaining ground and is becoming popular among patients. They can be made to match the color of your teeth and release small amounts of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.


These can also be made to match the color of your teeth and will last for many years. They are cemented to the tooth and cover the entire affected area. They are usually made of glass or ceramic.

Before choosing a tooth filling in Jacksonville, talk with your dentist about which option would be best for you. The right choice will depend on your situation, your budget and your overall health. Making sure your teeth are in good shape is very important, so choose the right dentist for you.

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