Crucial Treatments That You Can Receive From a Chicago Endodontist

Your primary care dentist can provide important treatments like annual exams and extractions. However, when you need specialized dental care, you could be required to make an appointment with an endodontist near downtown Chicago. Before you schedule an appointment with this specialized dental provider, you need to understand what kinds of services you can receive. The endodontist can provide crucial treatments that can spare the health and integrity of your mouth.

Prescriptions for Abscesses

When you develop an abscess in your mouth, you need to visit with an endodontist near downtown Chicago right away. This specialized dentist can verify that you have a serious infection in the roots of your teeth roots. He or she can take X-rays of your teeth to determine where the infection is and how extensive it is.

After verifying the presence of a serious infection in your mouth, the endodontist can then prescribe an antibiotic medication for you. You will need to take this prescription medication to kill the bacteria in the roots of your teeth before you can undergo more specialized dental care.

Root Canals

An endodontist also can perform a root canal on the tooth that is infected with an abscess. After you have finished the antibiotic, you can then go in for your root canal. This treatment is considered a type of surgery for which you will need to take several days off from work or school.

Prior to the surgery, your dental provider will sedate you or put you under general anesthesia. He or she will then drill into the center of your tooth to remove the infection, kill the roots and then fill the center of your tooth with dental ceramic. It will then be capped with a dental crown.

You can find out more about endodontist treatments online. Contact our professionals at South Loop Dental Specialists by visiting our website for more information.

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