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Data Loader Questions and Answers

Although we rarely hear much about them, you’ll find that many industries rely on data loaders for their day-to-day successes. So what exactly is this piece of sophisticated software, and what does it do? Quite simply, a data loader is a client application used for the bulk import or export of data, allowing you to make massive updates in just seconds. Here are some more details about this amazing technology.

What are the Benefits?
Overall, one of the best things a data loader brings to any company is efficiency. It can turn days of work into mere minutes while also ensuring that the work is done accurately and risk-free. This allows you to optimize better your human resources and increase the overall quality of your data. These applications also allow for the elimination of costly data processing bottlenecks.

When Should I Use It?
Although data loaders are efficient, in some situations it is to your benefit to instead use an important application. Use a data loader when you need to load 50,000 to 5,000,000 records. The system is designed for bulk imports and exports such as this. For a smaller number of records, you may want to use an import application. You’ll also want to use loaders when you need to upload something not yet supported by the import applications when scheduling regular uploads, and when exporting data for backup purposes.

Is It Safe?
Not only are security measures built into data loaders, but they’re also more secure by nature. The easiness of the program means that your team can upload revised data quickly without IT involvement, meaning that extra eyes are never looking at your information. These systems are fully SOX compliant and provide built-in security features that utilize genuine QAD logic. Even more, CIM load mechanisms are used in the background to ensure that data is safely uploaded, and partial entries are avoided.

Can They Be Customized?
Of course, they can! With uses in many different industries, your software can be modified to address any custom fields, coding, and validations that you need. Most companies that offer data loaders will work with you to find the best practice to implement your specifications.

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