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Decorative Perforated Metal Panels: Purely Mechanical – Aesthetically Fine

Decorative Perforated Metal Panels: Purely Mechanical – Aesthetically Fine

Perforating metal is a purely mechanical process. The product finds application among several industries. They opt for it for any number of reasons. The majority of uses are functional and very practical. However, there is a demand in several industries for decorative perforated metal panels.

What Are Perforated Metal Panels?

Metal panels come in an assortment of metal. The most common ones are aluminum and steel. Sheet metal manufacturers may also utilize other metals including bronze, brass and titanium. All will undergo the process of perforation.

Perforation is he puncturing of metal to produce holes. The fabricator may stamp or punch the flat sheet metal to produce a specific pattern. In America, the metal thickness is measured with its gauge. In this system, the larger numbers indicate thinner sheets than do the larger ones.

The provision of holes in sheet metal is to meet certain specifications and to provide various qualities. These include noise reduction and climate control. However, in several instances, a customer may want or need metal panels that are also aesthetically pleasing. These are decorative perforated metal panels. They are both lovely to look at and functional.

Whether the intent is functional or decorative, the fabricator or manufacturer will carefully stamp or punch the exact number of holes in the material. In decorative perforation, the operator may elect to produce a creative pattern – often to satisfy contemporary architects. In functional perforation, the metal panels may reflect the need for a specific number of holes in a preconceived or set pattern. Applications include the food and beverage industries as well as automotive manufacturers.

Decorative Perforated Metal Panels

For more than 150 years, perforated metal panels have served both a functional and decorative purpose. Today, industry utilizes this perforated metal for such things as diverse as strainers and structural load-bearing parts. Yet, for some, function is not enough. They ask for and get functional but decorative perforated metal panels.

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