Determining Child Custody Through Family Law in Waukesha, WI

In Wisconsin, child custody cases are settled in family court based on the circumstances and availability of a court date. If the connected divorce case requires a trial to conclude, the custody case is settled at a later time. If you would like to petition the court for child custody, you should file a petition based on the requirements of family law in Waukesha WI today.

In cases where both parents are functioning members of society and do not pose a threat to the child, joint custody is a common choice. It allows both parents to remain involved in the child’s life and make decisions jointly. It is also common for parents who acquire this type of custody to live within the same area as it is more beneficial to the child. This allows the child to continue to attend the same school n which she or he has developed strong ties such as friendships. If at all possible this is the most preferred form of child custody.

Sole custody is awarded when one parent is ruled unfit to raise the child. Threats such as drug or alcohol addiction are common reasons for such a ruling and could lead to further requirements in terms of visitation. For instance, if it is determined that a parent is unfit, the court will require supervised visitation that is monitored by a court officer. The Family Law judge may require the parent to attend drug or alcohol treatment as a condition of their continued visits with the child.

Shared custody is similar to joint custody; however, the child lives with the parent for equal amounts of time. For instance, the court may allow the child to live with one parent during the school year and split their time with each parent during holidays. The child could also spend a specific amount of time with the other parent during the summer.

If at any time you are displeased with your custody arrangements, you should file a motion with the court. This process may require that you submit further evidence to support your claim. If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact an attorney which practices family Law in Waukesha WI today.

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