Saving Money on Car Insurance Lacey for Teens

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Business

Getting your license is considered a step toward independence. Though teenagers get excited about this milestone, the parents do not look forward to paying car insurance Lacey premiums. Teen drivers pay more premiums than drivers in their early twenties because they have higher accident rate. However, this does not mean you must pay high premiums for your teen driver. If your teen plans to get their license soon, there are ways you can reduce the rates. Visit website URL.

Buy your teen a low- maintenance vehicle. Your teen may have their heart set on sports vehicles, but for young drivers, the rates will be greater. Sports cars cost the provider more to replace and they have a higher theft rate. Try to talk them into an inexpensive vehicle or a used one. If your teen insists upon it, they should agree to pay for some of the insurance cost.

Teach them to be safe drivers. Make certain they understand driving is a serious undertaking. They should follow all the rules of the road including obeying the speed limit and stopping at red lights. Explain to them the seriousness accidents. A single accident or traffic infraction will raise rates. If a new driver commits three violations, the provider may drop them from your insurance. It will pay for them to take a defensive driving course to show the provider they care about being safe on the road.

Name them as an occasional driver. If the driver is under 18 and only drives your vehicles occasionally, they do not need a dedicated vehicle. In situations that call for your teen to have a dedicated vehicle, only buy liability coverage. Encourage them to take public transportation or carpool whenever possible to save on mileage. Some providers give discounts for low-mileage. When they turn 18, they can get their own policy as an occasional driver for your vehicles. However, you will still be responsible for paying any damages from accidents.

The cost of car insurance should not be a reason to keep your teen from driving. Educate your teen on how insurance works and ways they can contribute to help pay for the cost. Teaching them to be responsible now ensures their safety and will get them lower insurance rates as adults. SAV-ON Insurance Agencies Lacey can help you with your insurance needs.

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