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Difficulties That A Pop Jazz Singer May Find In Their Career

Difficulties That A Pop Jazz Singer May Find In Their Career

Many people love music, meaning that singers will always have a job if they are good and dedicated. However, with that said, the pop-jazz singer may find themselves in a rut and not getting calls, which could be because of their chosen music. It is important to love what you do and be excellent at it, in order to make it a career. However, consider all the relevant parts of the jazz-pop world before making a decision.


Improvisation is an important aspect of jazzy music, whether you are doing a crossover version or staying traditional. With improvisation, sometimes called improv, you will be required to play music on a whim without having any music sheets or rehearsing. It can be a fun and exciting way to learn new types of music, but most people just can’t handle the pressure of trying to think or play on the spot. However, written and planned out pieces rarely work for that music type and will make the song sound lacking or off.


Pop-jazz music encompasses jazzy pieces and pop, two of the most difficult types of music out there. Therefore, your journey through your career will be extremely personal and will be spent singing about incredibly personal experiences or make you feel emotional when singing them. Therefore, it is important to listen to as much of the music as you can before trying it on your own. Get various groups, musicians and styles of jazzy music to ensure that you have a wide variety, and then listen to them as much as possible to try and pinpoint the differences between each type.

In The Groove

Feeling is the absolute in music, whether you want to sing country or some other version, you have to feel the music. Listening to the greats in your genre can help you hear and feel what they feel. The hard part is to incorporate that into your singing, which is no easy task. However, learning two types of music and how to play them off each other well can be even more difficult.


Most people have to choose between pop and jazz as a singer because they simply can’t do both. Singers have to know the different keys frequently played in their genre and having two genres means singing even more keys and notes. You’ll also need to learn the rules and recommendations for each group, as well as how to mix them together properly.

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